Next Generation Cloud Based autoresponder is the First autoresponder with no Monthly Fees to send emails that Pass the Google Test and get a Trusted Sender Reputation

Next generation cloud based app that provides a total end to end solution with no monthly fees

✔ We looked at the way Gmail wants senders to be structured

✔ We looked at the way all of the major email service providers set up to get such high delivery rates

✔ And we incorporated a complete end to end solution to provide exactly what all of the Internet Service Providers require to deliver emails in to the inbox

Here is the process every email sent from our app follows TO PASS THE 3 ESSENTIAL PROTOCOLS 

This app has been designed from the ground up to provide a total solution

☑ Its cloud based so nothing to install and no technical knowledge required

☑ We knew we had to make this copy and paste simple

☑ Build in the key protocols to automatically authenticate emails sent from the app

This is an amazing opportunity to SEND EMAILS LIKE THE PROS and really start to put your email marketing efforts onto the next level with no monthly fees!

You can store unlimited subscribers for free and connect up to 12 email service providers below which will save you hundreds of dollars per year

Comprehensive range of features only found in premium email service solutions

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