Snappyrush is the first advanced video course and community that helps you grow on Snapchat, even if you don’t have a large audience on other social media! 

Over 200 million users are on Snapchat today. Do you remember how Instagram was two years ago?

Well, now it’s happening with Snapchat what happened with Instagram. At the beginning it was considered the “selfie” social media, today it’s the top one.
Many instagrammers are incredibly successful, and this is happening becasue they were the pioneers and early users!

They were the first to start using it and today they are well known influencers living thanks to their passions and audience. 

The good thing is that this is the perfect time to nurture your audience on Snapchat.


  • How to organically grow your Snapchat followers
  • The proven strategies and techniques I’ve used to gain thousands of views
  • The tools and gadgets you can use to be a pro snapper!
  • How to nurture and develop relatioships on Snapchat
  • How to promote your snapchat account across different platforms
  • How to leverage your audience to promote your business and make profits out of your Snapchat account
  • Get new content such as interviews, deals and updates


  • Entrepreneurs looking to grow their audience and their business on Snapchat
  • Online and social media marketers willing to grow their Snapchat community.
  • Companies and small business owners looking to have an advantage over the competition
  • Artists and public figures, who want to boost their Snapchat community
  • Rising stars and influencers, who need to increase views and engagement on Snapchat
  • Individuals willing to grow and monetize their audience!
  • Well, you got it.. anyone willing to grow on Snapchat! 🙂

 Inside the membership area you’ll find two exclusive bonus interviews with two Snapchat Influencers and experts: GiniCanBreathe and AaronFPS

You’ll learn tips and strategies from the Snapchat influencers themselves!