Social Marketing Suite is a software that will create drag and drop facebook landing pages in minutes and is connected with all major autoresponders. The same can be exported as HTML and used in your own domain as well . This would be one of the simplest landing page generating software for facebook as well as for your website.Once you create campaigns with Social Lead Wizard, you’ll be able to get the people who see your ad to :

✔ Optin to a squeeze page

✔ See a video sales letter

✔ Get coupons by entering their email

Features of Social Marketing Suite?


✔ Approved Facebook Application, 100% Compliant

✔ Creates high-converting landing pages inside of your fanpage.

✔ Easily bring in videos from multiple media sources.

✔ Social Marketing Suite allows you to bring in your own pictures, images, headlines

✔ Add your own cart buttons to the landing page, or use one of our buttons.

✔ Easily integrate Facebook comments into your landing page, you can even add multiple comments!