“Use The Facebook ROI Suite Every Time You Launch A New Facebook Ad
To Have The Piece Of Mind That It Will Predictably Produce Profitable
Revenue For You From Day 1…”

The Facebook ROI Master-Class™
Receive a series of step-by-step training’s that’s going to walk you through EXACTLY how you can consistently launch highly profitable 6-7 figure+ Facebook ads from scratch, faster and easier than ever before.
These are short and easy to consume training’s that are broken down with specific actionable assignments for you to complete, so you’ll actually step away with your very own FB campaign profitably LAUNCHED.
Each video comes complete with a real-world example of my most profitable ad campaigns, so you can see exactly HOW I’ve applied each step to swipe and model them as your own…
Previously sold for $3,995.

Module 1 – Million Dollar Foundations
Discover how you can lay SOLID 8 figure foundations, magnetize your dream customers to you so they’ll line up – ready willing and able to buy from you (no matter the price), and so much more!

Module 3 – Magnetic Ad Creation
Discover exactly how you can consistently create million dollar Facebook ads from scratch – even if you suck at copywriting, or have never done it before.

Module 5 – Finding Your 7 Figure Ads
Discover how to effortlessly track and optimise your entire Facebook ad campaign within 10 seconds or less, so you never waste money running ads that won’t convert for you.

Module 7 – Scaling To $10K Per Day
Discover this unique 4 phase scaling strategy to take your campaign from zero to over a million dollars in sales, faster and easier than ever before (without compromising your ROI)

Module 2 – Dream Customer Targeting
Discover this unique strategy to easily find and target your dream customers on Facebook within 30 minutes or less, so you can consistently experience the lowest cost ads in any industry…

Module 4 – The Campaign Launch Formula
Discover exactly how to structure and set up your campaign to properly launch your Facebook ads to experience highly profitable results from day 1…

Module 6 – Double Your Sales Retargeting
Use this unique retargeting approach to consistently DOUBLE your sales and revenue through the use of a few very simple retargeting ads that take no more than 2 hours to setup

Module 8 – From Unprofitable To Profitable
Discover these simple tweaks you can apply to any campaign to dramatically boost conversions and revenue (from the SAME amount of traffic), overnight.

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