This course will help you to crack python interviews to get your next python automation or development job. This course will teach you how to utilize your python programming skills in your next role as a python automation engineer and developer.

Anybody who completes this course, in a mere 12 to 13 hours of journey in this course, he or she will able to gain up to 3 years of experience in python coding

The problem faced by most them is it is difficult for them to clear python automation or development interviews. Because in interviews, all can answer questions expecting one line answers in python. But most of them lose confidence when they are asked to write programs during interviews. Taking up this course will help you to develop and boost your programming skills especially during interviews. Understanding and learning every program here in this course will give you a lot of confidence to face the interviewer.

Sometimes, Even though people manage to clear the interviews, due to poor programming skills, it is difficult for them to survive in the organization. This course comes in handy during this situation. Apart from helping the students to clear the interviews, this course puts in great effort to explain each and every program in the course. Each and every line in these programs are explained to much greater depths.

Value: $20

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